Why Panoramic?

I've fallen in love with the panoramic image some time ago! I have always found panoramic imagery appealing and I have made panoramic images from time to time. It's always been part of my workflow. Lately it's exclusively been panoramics! Why Panoramic? To find out how I make my panoramic images click here. I am not sure the exact reason why I have plunged into the panoramic world. I think part of it is that I acquired a Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II, which allows panoramics to be easily made. The other part, is that I love grand landscapes. A panoramic has tons of possibilities in terms of composition. It can cover a lot of real estate, adding elements to my compositions that would otherwise "crowd" the image. The image below is a great example of this.

Even when using a 16mm lens, the image would have looked different. The foreground tree would've either been less prominent or it would be too much of the focus. Making a pano of the scene, I have the best of both worlds. The tree is still a main focus, but I also have most of Peyto Lake in the image as well.

Another reason I love the panoramic is that it seems more like what you would witness in person. When I set out to make an image, my minds eye is seeing in a panoramic mode. This has developed over time, but it did come quick. This makes composing feel more natural and it comes easier than the traditional format. Sure I still make one click images, but at this stage in my photographic style, the Panoramic is king!

An early afternoon shot of Peyto lake in Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.