Traverse City Sunflowers Update 2012

This year the Traverse City Sunflowers appeared to have suffered from the drought that most of the country has been going through. It's either that or the crazy spring weather, when it was 80 degrees for a week then frost hit the following week, ruining the cherry and apple crop . In any event the sunflowers here in Traverse City are a bust! They're there, but they look awfuly sad. This is the time of year they are peaking. For more information about the Traverse City Sunflowers check out my post here Traverse City Sunflowers and here Traverse City Sunflowers Update. The image below was taken on a recent trip searching for the Traverse City Sunflowers, but with that being a bust I searched for a different subject. A clearing storm, an old road, and a puddle helped me out! As far as the Sunflowers? We will have to wait another year and hope they turn out again in 2013.