Top 5 Images of 2013

After looking back at 2013, I realize it's been the best year photographically yet. I measure this on a few different levels, but the most important to me is the progression of my image making process. I have learned and implemented new skills both behind the camera and behind the computer. I often look back of some of my first images I ever made and get a chuckle. I just want everyone wanting and trying to improve their photography to keep in mind it's a process and the process will last your entire career. Continue to learn and grow, its the only way to "perfect" the craft. With that said lets look at my top 5 images of 2013. 5) California Poppies - If I had to choose my favorite flower, it would be the California Poppy. I fell in love with this flower when I was living in California. I then bought some seed to plant in my garden in Michigan. They do surprisingly well here in the non California like climate and last most of the summer. The simple color palette and composition make this one of my favorite images of 2013

california poppies


4) Punchbowl Falls - I visited Oregon in January of 2013. For whatever reason I didn't get to punchbowl falls on my previous trip so I knew I had to make the trek. What I didn't know was the trails were covered in ice, and I was ill prepared to deal with those conditions. I decided to risk it and for the most part it was a pretty scary trail. Looking back I shouldn't of done it without some type of traction assistance or at least made the trek with someone. After all the risks and safe travels, the following image is what I came up with.



3) Traverse City Sunflowers - I have been trying to photograph these sunflower fields for 3 years and never came up with anything worthwhile. Nonetheless I kept at it. On this morning everything seemed to work out in my favor. I will continue to visit these fields every summer for other photo opportunities but for now this is my favorite from this area and one of my favorites of the year.



2) Sleeping Bear Dunes Sunset Featuring My Wife - I love going out by myself taking pictures in a quiet, serene, nature environment. It's calming and relaxing for me no matter the weather conditions. I equally love going out with my wife on a hike to watch a sunset. We get to spend quality time together and when the action begins, I photograph while she reads one of her books. She occasionally looks up to absorb the scenery and to see what crazy thing I'm up to.



1) Lake O'Hara Hike - My favorite image of 2013 has to be my image of lake O'Hara and the hiking trail that skirts the side of a mountain. For more about the hike check out this post here. This hike was probably the most beautiful I've been on along with being one of the most strenuous. I love the Canadian rockies and look forward to the day I can visit again.



I hope you enjoyed 2013 as much as I did and I truly hope 2014 brings you all the best! Happy New Year!