The Nature Photographer

We nature photographers have an important role in society. Depending on your specific genre depends how you touch the world, but in the end I believe we all leave our mark, some form or another. If your specialty is wildlife, you provide images that raise awareness and promotes preservation for the incredible animals. Maybe you work with universities and other biology research companies to help maintain habitats or research mating rituals to prolong the existence of the species. In any event, this work is crucial for us and for the animals!

If you're a landscape photog, you too have an important role. You can show the effects of climate change on a region, capture amazing events that many people may never experience, such as the northern lights. Maybe you help promote and preserve a certain part of your state or region. The National Parks are a big part of American history, and a big part of keeping the parks open are your photographs. The images inspire people to come see the beauty for themselves. It helps promote tourism and boosts local economies. In turn it helps keep these natural places natural, and may inspire more places to be designated as parks for all to enjoy.

The Nature Photographer serves an important role in society. We promote local and national nature areas, we help animal species and habitats, we help local communities, provide beautiful images for offices and homes, and we inspire beginner photogs to do the same. While it has been more difficult to make a living as a nature photographer the work is still important, more so now than ever before. Keep up the good work fellow photographers. Nature is important to me, getting out and enjoying nature is spiritual for many of us, and to preserve these places it is our duty to make inspiring images and share them.