The Hardest Thing For A Photographer To Do Is

Much about photography can be difficult. Learning the technologies and methods, financing gear that is sometimes required to make quality imagery, and difficulty making a living from the artwork we create. All these things can be very difficult, especially if you are just starting out, but the hardest thing for a photographer to do is to capture emotion! From wedding photographers to portrait photographers, and yes even nature photographers. The difference between a good image and a great image, is the ability to capture the emotion. I have no secret on how to do this, but to try to be mindful of your own emotions and hopefully those emotions will spill over to your images. I have witnessed a couple of occasions where my imagery has brought tears to the cheeks of my viewers  It's one of the best feelings in the world. Your images will mean different things to different people. Even if the technical qualities aren't perfect, if there's an emotional connection with the viewer, your imagery will be adored.

Now we can take this a step further. If emotion is the hardest thing for a photographer to capture, what emotion is the hardest to portray in a photograph? For me it has to be humor. Especially in nature. What is the hardest emotion for you to capture? How can you better capture these emotions?

This weeks post image was taken in one of the delta regions in Arkansas. While I was searching for Crocodylia, I saw this beaver walking about.  I thought to myself that he was treading in dangerous territory, but then an egret landed and was searching for his breakfast. The beaver then pointed, seemingly giving the egret directions. I initially thought it was ironic and funny. This is about the closest thing I have photographed pertaining to humor.

Beaver Directions