Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is located in southwestern Utah near the city of Tropic. Bryce Canyon is relatively small compared to most of the other national parks I have visited but don't let it's size turn you off, Bryce Canyon National Park  is a great place to visit and explore.

Its main attraction is the amphitheater. The amphitheater is formed by the ice of the winter and the thaw of the spring, this process is what gives Bryce Canyon it's unique formations. Bryce Canyon National Park is technically not a canyon  at all because it's not formed by a river. According to the NPS website:

"The primary weathering force at Bryce Canyon is frost wedging. Here we experience over 200 freeze/thaw cycles each year. In the winter, melting snow, in the form of water, seeps into the cracks and freezes at night. When water freezes it expands by almost 10%, bit by bit prying open cracks, making them ever wider in the same way a pothole forms in a paved road."

Basically Bryce Canyon National Park is a giant pot hole! The parks rim sits at a surprisingly high elevation, right around 8000 feet, making it a bit challenging to hike around some of the Bryce Canyon trails. I stayed at Bryce Canyon Inn, in Tropic Utah. It was a cute little place and you have your own little cabin. They also served a small breakfast of cereals, yogurts, and fruit. It's about 10 or so minutes from the park entrance and a nice place to stay. Click here for more information.

My photography gear was basically set to using a wide angle lens but do bring a telephoto lens with you as well because Bryce Canyon National Park is home to several animals including Antelope. I got several good photographs of baby antelope running about. Check them out on my facebook page. The post picture was shot during sunrise at 16mm f16 @ 1/2 second. I also used a 2 stop ND grad filter to help balance the brightness of the sky.

All in all Bryce Canyon was a cool place. If you visit in the summer be prepared because it can get hot and in the winter they do get snow. It was 102 degrees a couple times while I was there but I still enjoyed it and recommend visiting if you can.