Winter Storm

March came in like a lion this year. Here in Northern Michigan I received around 20 inches of the white stuff. Lost power for about 15 hours, our county was under a state of emergency, and the roads were impassable. What chaos! What beautiful fun chaos. I realized just how unprepared I was for an event that could cripple us for days. I was like uh oh, where are the flashlights, my phone is about dead, we don't have bottled water. In Northern Michigan we don't really get natural disasters, just snow, and our region is very well prepared for snow. I really cant remember the last time I actually lost power. This snow was different than most, it was heavy and the 20 plus inches took down trees which in turn took out the power. After all is said and done, we survived without any major issues.

This image was taken out in the front yard. I used a 16-35 handheld during a blue sky sunrise.