Art Wolfe

Today I am going to talk about the Art Wolfe 2010 Seminar Tour: The Art of Composition. This a seminar that for the most part covers what to look for and what not to do in composition. Art covers how he got started, who inspires him, and how he looks at a photograph. Art uses examples from his photo library as well as examples of other well-known artists. He touches lightly on what equipment he uses and why, he touches on design, color, light, and much more.As he scrolls through his photo library sharing tips, showing unprocessed images, going over a series of photos to explain how he got the "final" image, you absorb information that you can't  get anywhere but from a pro first hand. Art has a magnificent body of work with many famous images that he shares with the audience. There are several images where you can just hear the audience gasp with awe. Then he explains how he got the image(technical and artistically), his thought process, why he did it a certain way, and why he didn't do it another way. This seminar is a great seminar for amateur and semipro photogs, and even the pros will be able to see into the mind of a master. The info I retained is sure to help my photography and I am sure if you attend it will also benefit yours.

Thanks again Art for sharing. Highly recommended.