"National Audubon Society Guide to Photographing America's National Parks"

"National Audubon Society Guide to Photographing America's National Parks" is a Photo guide-book to some of Americas famous National Parks. I bought this book because I wanted to do some homework before entering a park to photograph it. Often when I visit a National park its for a limited time. Therefore I need a book that is straight to the point and gives me some of the main highlights. This book is just that. Being that this book is just 190 pages covering 21 National Parks, you are not getting a great in-depth preview of the parks but instead a straight forward what to photograph and what times are the best to visit. If I am going to Visit a park like say Death Valley (heading there black friday) I need to know what is the must see sights. Death Valley is the biggest National Park, and I will only be there for 3 days. This book helps me plan those three days in terms of what to photograph and when.

If you are looking for a detailed description of the parks this is not your book. This is not a travel guide. This book simply gives you 5 or 6 photo hot spots for each of the parks. To me that is a plus to this book. I have used this book to prioritize the photo hot spots that I want to visit, especially if it's a short 3 day trip. If I want more in-depth I will buy a more detailed book for that specific park.

It's a good read with lots of good advice to our national parks. It showcases some good photographs of the parks as well. If you plan on visiting the National Parks and want to know what sights to see, pick up this book!