Practice and Be Ready

Practice and be ready. Ready for what you ask? Your moment. Your time.  I am a big sports fan and this year has had many great sport moments but I am going to talk about two of the biggest sport related stories this year and how they relate not to just photography but life in general.

Many of us know how Tebow took the nation by storm this past football season. Now Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks are making all the headlines. If you haven't heard of Jeremy Lin let me fill you in. He was undrafted out of college, picked up, waived, dropped down to the developmental "D" league, and finally found himself on the New York Knicks. During those times, he had every reason to quit, give up, try something else. Lin is a Harvard grad, I am sure he could find himself a good job.

So what does all of this have to do with photography? Well it's more of a life lesson. Many photographers are trying to make it, in this changing industry. Many of us fail on a daily basis. Many of us have every reason to give up and do something that "makes more sense".

We can learn from Lin and Tebow. Practice and be ready. This weeks post picture is from a project I have been working on, about backyard birds. Birds are very difficult to photograph, at least for me. I have been getting better and learning things along the way, but I won't get to were I want to be, unless I practice.

Sometime in our lives we will have a moment, a chance to "make it". It might only be for a split second, but I believe we all get our time to shine. It might be running into a book publisher at a trade show, someone important reads your blog, a gallery gives your work a chance. These moments don't come often if only once in a lifetime. Practice and be ready for your moment. Hard work, consistency, perseverance, practice.  These are all needed to capitalize when you have your chance to prove yourself. If you choose not to consistently work hard and practice, it's likely your moment will end in failure. Someone else will be ready, ready for their moment.

Lin and Tebow were presented with their moment, their chance. You see what happened.

What will happen when you get your chance?