Traverse City Sunflowers

I have seen many sunflower field pictures but I never been to a sunflower field. I started researching sunflower fields. Google came up with a few, and I even got in touch with George Lepp, to see where he goes to take sunflower pictures. He said Goodland Kansas. Well that is a bit too far away to go for sunflowers so I kept researching. I found some possible fields in Northern California but it's still a good 6 or so hour drive up there. I kept looking and then I found it.  Traverse City Sunflowers. It's true and it just so happened I was going there visiting family and friends.

The fields I found are just north of Traverse City off of M72 heading towards Elk Rapids. I took the turn off of 72 to Bates rd. Once there I just pulled off the road, got out and started taking pictures. I went during sunrise being that was the direction the flowers were facing and I could get some good front lighting. In the evening you would have back lighting and it might prove a bit more difficult getting a proper exposure.

It was late July when I went  and some of the flowers had yet to open so I would maybe try middle to the end of August to get more blooms. I am not sure who owns the fields so for the most part I just stayed on the shoulder of the road. If I was to venture further in I would get permission to do so.

Never the less it was fun and I will be going back there as long as they keep planting them.

If you're in the area it's worth a gander.