5 Holiday Christmas Ideas for Landscape Photographers

It's that time a year again. It's time to buy your special someone a gift for Christmas. Here are 5 Holiday Christmas Ideas for Landscape Photographers 1) Filters! One of the most important tools for a landscape photographer is the Neutral Density Graduated filter, another filter is the circular polarizer. These 2 filters should be in every nature and landscape photographers bag. Find Polarizers Here and Find ND Filters Here

2) A cable release. Both Nikon and Canon make them, some of them are wireless. These will help the landscape and nature photographer achieve those tack sharp photographs.

3) Rain gear for your camera. There are several options out there. You can get a disposable, or a reusable version. The disposable ones are relatively cheap, but if you are shooting in rain all the time it may be worth while to invest a reusable version.

4) A hotshoe  bubble level. This will assure that your horizon lines are straight. Nothing is more annoying than a diagonal horizon line.

5) A good ball head and tripod. These are worth their weight in gold to a landscape and nature photographer. In my opinion these two things are almost as important as the camera itself. Hope this helps with the holiday shopping.