Canon 5D III is Here

Canon just released the the 5D III Early this morning. This might be one of the most anticipated cameras ever. The popularity and "game changing" as the Canon 5DII was, many of us were wondering what the 5D III would bring. Canon also released a new radio transmitter ST-E3-RT for the new radio speedlite the 600EX-RT. They also released a GPS GP-E2. Being a nature photographer the GPS is exciting. I will find that to be a useful tool. I feel the 5dIII will be hard to get being that Japan has had a few tragedys these past few years that have slowed production, so it's best you pre-order and hope you are on the short list. I have mine on order so I will keep you posted with an un-boxing and review.

Here is a link to B&H to pre-order the 5D III

Here is a link to B&H to pre-order the 600EX-RT Speedlite

Here is the link to Canons page for a list of the specifications of the 5D III.