Sleeping Bear Point

Sleeping Bear Point is part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Recently Sleeping Bear Dunes was voted the most beautiful place in America, "hidden gems" by Good Morning America viewers. Sleeping Bear Point is part of this hidden gem beauty.

For information on Sleeping Bear Point, click on the link here.

Sleeping Bear Point is a wonderful place to catch a sunset or you can take the loop for a hike through the sand and dune grasses. I would recommended wearing sturdy footwear if you are to do the Sleeping Bear Point loop. There's a lot of sand and although you may be tempted to do the barefoot thing I would use caution, you may find yourself developing a few blisters after a while. I speak from experience.(that was not a fun hike back to the car)

Sleeping bear point is a quiet serene place and will be less crowded than the more popular dune climb or Pierce Stocking scenic drive.  Just as a waring to visitors, there are cougars in the area. Research is underway studying the cougar population in the Sleeping Bear Dunes , however I have never seen a cougar while at Sleeping Bear Point or Sleeping Bear Dunes for that matter.

This weeks post photograph, was taken on the short hike to the beach during a sunset. I used a 16-35mm tripod mounted at aprox 18mm F16. I used a polarizer, and due to the intensity of the sun, I used 2 ND graduated filters to get the exposure I was looking for.

Sleeping Bears Dunes is indeed beautiful and to see that beauty I highly recommend visiting Sleeping Bear Point.