4 Tips for Flower Photography

Spring is the time of year flowers and fruit tree blossoms all over the country start to bloom. To get the most out of  your flower photographs here are 4 Tips for Flower Photography. 1) Get low! No I'm not talking about Lil John I'm talking about getting low to the ground. Most people look at flowers from above. To make a compelling photograph that most people don't get to see try getting low.

2) Use a tripod. Tripods are useful for any form of photography, but when you need to get low and line up your composition it makes it that much easier. I use my live view option on my camera, line up my shot and click away. Lying on the ground trying to hold my camera still, making sure all the important elements are in the frame without a tripod can be a bit difficult and unstable.

3) Get a diffuser. I have a Lastolite Trigrip shoot through diffuser. Many of us are out in the direct sunlight with all those harsh shadows. This diffuser will take that harsh sunlight and turn it into a beautiful soft  light. This just doesn't work on flowers, it works on everything from products to portraits. Why not use the sun and turn that light into a soft-box quality light.

4) Use Back lighting. Ever look at flower photographs where you can see through the petals and see a silhouette of the Stamen, Anther, and the Pistil? This is done using back lighting.  Shoot into the sun and you will achieve this effect which adds a bit more depth and interest to the photograph.

There are many more tips out there but these are some that I use most often. Tis the season for flower photography so Google a spot to visit in your local area and get out and make photographs. Lets make sure that we respect the parks and places we visit. Watch your step and respect the the flowers that we all love to photograph. For a bit more information about wildflowers check out my post for Carrizo Plain National Monument.


This photograph was taken in spring in my home garden.