Photography Gear

When it comes to my photography the most common question I get is: "what camera do you have?" Or what camera should I buy? For a buying guide click here but when it comes to photography gear I don't really ask what other photographers use nor do I really care what they use. I have heard several examples such as; "do you ask a writer what pen he used when he wrote his book?" "Do you ask a painter what brushes he used to paint his work of art?" Some people think if they have your gear they can make photographs like you do. This is far from the truth.  I think gear is some of the most overrated part of photography. What matters is how you can make your camera work for you and the situations you are faced with. That being said, being a photographer there is a lot of excitement and somewhat of an addiction getting new gear. It's part of the fun of being a photographer. I have used a Canon 40d for several years now. It's a good camera and it has been good to me. I know that camera inside and out, but there always seemed to be something missing. I have saved up to buy the next in line 5d, but when I read canon rumors saying that the next 5d might not even show up until 2nd or 3rd Q of 2011, I decided to upgrade to a 7d.  Will I get the next 5d.... you bet I will. Being a nature photographer, I will use the 5d for landscapes and the 7d for wildlife.

There are many reviews of the 7d so I won't go to in-depth but the first testing of the 7 d proves that it's awesome as everyone says it is. The thing that I noticed right away is that the metering is more accurate than the 40d. The second thing is that if has a better focusing system. The 7d is a great camera and I have only had a couple of days and 2 shoots, but it's a dream to work with. I know I am late jumping on the 7d bandwagon, but most of my money is invested in lenses.

Lenses in my opinion are the best thing to buy if you immediately want to upgrade your photography. Cameras come and go every couple of years. Lenses will last for 20 years. So when it comes to camera upgrades I tend to hold off until I feel my camera is holding me back, such as my current situation. I'm excited to start working with my 7d and to see what this camera is capable of. I will keep you posted but so far so good.