Your Backyard

This week's destination is your backyard! The good thing is that it's free! Travel is free, no hotel to pay for, no need to pack anything, you can stay as long as you want without stressing to what time you'll make it home, no pricey food vendors, no tourists getting in your shots, and most likely a unique shot that no one else has ever taken.

This weeks post picture was taken in my backyard. This is actually my first published image. I had just received my canon 16-35 f2.8 and I was eager to test it out. I didn't want to pack anything, I just wanted to make photographs, so I put the lens on my camera and headed outside. I spent a good amount of time in my backyard experimenting. I got the creative juices flowing and I was actually having a lot of exciting fun.

I think the biggest challenge for photographers is the ability to stay excited and creative. If I went out every time shooting like I had just picked up a new lens, and was experimenting what it can do, I would have the excitement and the curiosity to test the limits of my ability, as a creative artist, and to test the technical limits of my camera.

I am a big sports guy. I think excitement, getting pumped up, getting that extra motivation, is what pushes us to our peak abilities. Read a photo book, listen to some inspirational music, admire some of our fellow photogs work, do whatever it takes to get you motivated, excited and pumped up. I urge you to step into your backyard. Get excited, get curious, work the subject and test the limits of your imagination and the limits of your equipment. Try something that you normally wouldn't. Talk to yourself, motivate yourself, get excited!

If you can harness this energy you can make great photos, even in your backyard!

This is a simple wide angle shot from below the pine trees in my backyard. If you look closely there is a bit of snow left on the branches.