Photographing Details

Photographing Details. As Photographers we are essentially capturing details to share with our select audience and with the world. When I photograph Yosemite, I focus on the details that is Yosemite. Those details may or may not be there in the future. When we photograph a wedding we are capturing details and moments that in time will spark memories of that day. Often times I will hear someone say, "when did that happen?" or "I don't remember that!". As photographers we are paid to capture these essential details. Does anyone remember "hammer pants"? As photographers we capture these fads and trends,  like a more recent one, crocs. Everyone had crocs. Not only do these details say something about our subject, but something about the times we lived in. How about a river that dried up, an animal that is now extinct, or person that has passed. Without details we won't know what a certain animals behavior was like, or how beautiful and strong the river was, or what our ancestors left behind. Strive to capture these subjects doing what they do best. Photograph the river in the spring after a hard winter, capture a bird doing a mating dance, capture grandma in the kitchen cooking. Often when we photograph we photograph something that is pleasing to the eye. Something that looks good. That is fine and dandy but start taking a closer look at the details of your subject. That will help you tell your whole and complete story. It's all about the details no mater the subject. How you capture those details is up to you and your vision.