Moving On

I moved to California just over two years ago to be with my now fiance who has been serving our military for the past four years. It's been a great opportunity for me to explore and expand my portfolio and it has open doors that otherwise would have stayed closed. I am grateful for the places that I was able to visit and for the friendships that I made.  I discovered and experienced places like Yosemite that I had only seen in books and magazines. Yosemite will always be dear to me. I can still remember the way I felt when I first drove through the tunnel and came upon Yosemite Valley and "Tunnel View". It gave me goose bumps. We liked Yosemite so much it's where I proposed to my Fiance and future wife. Now the time has come to move on.

We will be moving to Michigan to be closer to our families and to start a life of our own. My goal is to travel and see the world all the while taking pictures. Even though I was born and raised in the great mitten I have yet to see all the splendor it has to offer. I can't wait to go exploring!

Thanks to my faithful readers, but during this transition time I will be very busy packing, traveling, and wrapping things up here. I am hopeful to be back up and writing the week of 11 July 2011. I will have many new stories and places to share since we are stopping at several National Parks on our journey back. I will leave you with one of my most popular photographs from my time here. It's a HDR photograph of "Valley View" Yosemite National Park.


Hope you enjoy!