Want More Megapixels Out of Your Camera?

Megapixels have been the main marketing feature for camera's since the introduction of digital. Camera manufacturers want you to believe more is better and they want you to pay for more. Most camera buyers believe they need more, yet most will never use all those megapixels. Nonetheless people always want the biggest and best. So do you want more megapixels? Do you want a D800 or a Phaseone for your landscape images but don't have the money? I will give you a simple way you can turn your camera into a megapixel behemoth. Take multiple exposures and stitch them in Photoshop! Yup, it's really that simple. Let me give you an example. The image below was one I made just last weekend. I was out photographing the fall colors. There was this unique tree overhanging the edge of the lake. The lenses I had would not allow me to get the composition I wanted to achieve in one shot. I either had too wide of lens, or too long of lens. What did I do? I took multiple exposures with my longer lens. The image was made with a 70-200 at 85mm. I took four vertical shots to make a one horizontal image.

The stitched image came out to be 8131 x 5653 pixels. That's almost 46 megapixels! I always leave some extra room when making panoramas, so even after cropping, I ended up with an image that was 43 megapixels. My recent infatuation with panoramas has allowed me to make images ranging from 25 megapixels to a whopping 96 megapixels! For even more, check out a product called the gigapan. With this product you can make an image as detailed as you could ever want. The only limit is probably your hard drive!

Twin lakes Traverse city, MI