Delta IV Heavy Launch

Today the ULA (United Launch Alliance) launched a Delta IV Rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, carrying a payload for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). The Rocket was the largest launched from the west coast.  The Rocket was about 230 feet tall and delivers 660,000 pounds of thrust. I was able to head out to the beach with a few friends of mine to watch the launch and had the privilege of seeing the launch live. I have seen rocket launches in the past but not as big as this one. I was expecting a lot more rumble and noise, and maybe they had that in other places, but not from the beach on Vandenberg AFB.   The shot was taken with my  70-200 with a polariser to help cut down the reflection from the fog.

Probably the best moment of the launch is when the vapor trail drifted in front of the sun. It gave the trail some beautiful back lighting, yet you could still see the rocket. Look closely at the first photograph in this post and you will see the rocket and the trail it left. Enjoy!

This is the delta heavy rocket launch based out of the Air Force base in vandenberg California