Stuck Filter... Now What?

I'm a fan of using filters. My favorite has to be the polarizing filter. What often happens is the filter gets stuck either on the lens itself or on the step down ring I carry. The extreme temperatures seem to make this problem worse. It seems like someone put gorilla glue on my threads and glued my filter on as a practical joke. If you know me, I am not a small guy, quite the opposite. I use all my might trying to unscrew the filter and most times I fail. Of course this all happens while the sun is setting with an epic sky as endangered species frolick in front of a waterfall framed by a rainbow. I always tell my self I am going to get a filter wrench but as soon as I succeed in getting the filter off I forget about the wrench until the next time my filter gets stuck. It's a vicious cycle. One day after an outing I was cleaning my gear and reorganizing my backpack when I found my polarizer was again welded to my step down ring. I again told myself to buy one of those wrenches, but that doesn't help me now. So I went online to research on how to remedy the situation. I came across some information that said to use something that has really good grip to help grab ahold and separate the filters. I tried using my shirt several times over the years and that never worked. I then looked over and saw my wifes thin rubber exercise band.It's about 4 inches wide. I grabbed it and proceeded to take my filter off like it wasn't even stuck. It worked great! I assume anything similar would work just as well such as a latex glove. I haven't tried it but I don't see why it would be any different.

Now all this happened a couple weeks ago, so after an outing yesterday I again had a stuck filter. I headed over to the exercise band and again the filter came off as if nothing was wrong. I immediately grabbed my pocket knife and proceeded to trim off a 6 inch piece of this rubber and put it in my camera bag. The band is like 4 foot long, and stretches to 8 feet, so I doubt my wife will even notice... Right? I still haven't picked up a filter wrench but now I don't need one!


Here is a random image from my library for your enjoyment. Taken at The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.