Sky and Why It's Important

Most of you know the basics of composing a landscape. There are "rules", guidelines, and tips, all over the internet to help you make an image that you will be proud to hang on your wall. Besides my subject the most important thing for me is the sky. For my style, which is a wide angle view, the sky is very important. If there is nothing happening in the sky I usually don't include it, or at least not much of it. This limits my compositional options. When I head to the landscape for sunset or sunrise the first thing I look at is the sky. There have been times where the sky is just plain blue, not a cloud anywhere to be seen. There have been cases I won't even go out and shoot if there isn't an interesting sky. Is this crazy? Not to me, my style needs and wants the sky to be interesting, but as you can see it doesn't have to be too much, just a little makes a world of difference. Imagine the scene below with just a blank blue sky. It wouldn't be as interesting.

5D III 16-35mm at 16mm f16 @ 1/25 sec ISO 100