Photography Outlook for 2015

With the new year just around the corner what is the photography outlook for 2015 ? Will this be a better year for photographers? What can we expect in terms of technology? Lots of questions to be answered! I will share with you some rumors floating around the web along with some predictions that I have. First lets start off by spreading some rumors. The megapixel war is back in full force. It died down for a little while but once Sony and Nikon (using Sony's sensor) released the 36 megapixel sensors in their lineup, it appears Canon is ready to take it a step further. Rumors have it Canon will be releasing a 52 Megapixel camera in 2015. It's also rumored that Sony and Nikon (using the Sony designed sensor) will release 46 megapixel cameras. With this kind of resolution it's creeping in on medium format photography. What is the future of medium format photography? Will Canon or Nikon enter this realm? Will the new high megapixel cameras put companies like Hasselblad and Phase One out of business? Medium format cameras are super expensive, upwards of 40-50k. If Canon and Nikon can produce similar image resolution in cameras that cost three to four thousand, I see why that would hurt the medium format companies. Time will tell, but I predict medium format will slowly die off. Maybe even Canon or Nikon buying the aforementioned companies.

Technology keeps improving at a rapid rate. New high end lenses being released are close to flawless due to new coatings and lens elements. In my opinion starting with the release of the 70-200 2.8 IS II, Canon is making the best lenses that photographers have ever seen. I own several of the newer lenses and have been very impressed with the results. I still have a Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens on pre-order that is getting rave reviews. With the high quality glass Canon is producing, this reason alone is why I have stuck with Canon despite the great performance of Nikon and Sony sensors. Cameras are getting faster and better at high ISO. 10 fps on a sub $2000 camera is a new normal, and the rumored megapixel war will make the newer cameras capable of even more. Mirrorless is getting better, but in my opinion it's not ready to take over the DSLR market. Will this happen in 2015? It's possible, but I predict DSLRs will still be on top at the end of the year. I think it will remain on top until Nikon and Canon fully commit to the format.

As far as photography, it continues to evolve. Drones have made aerial photography easier for everyone. The FAA is trying to catch up with technology and when it does I believe licensed drone pilots will be in high demand. It's another avenue for photographers to explore. Video is slowly becoming part of a photographer's workflow, but video has yet to take over like others predicted it would. There is still a strong demand for stills, but the competition is high. Finding buyers is still a challenge and when finding a buyer they have many more photographers to consider. This makes customer service a must. I have been fortunate to have many repeat customers. I believe the reason boils down to customer service.

So the outlook in 2015 is very good in terms of technology and the economy. More buildings are going up, more business are getting started, tourism is increasing. All this provides opportunities for the nature photographer. Your goal as a nature photographer is to find a handful of customers that like your work and service. Hopefully these customers will keep coming back for more of your images. In reality you only need a dozen or so people to like your work. You goal is to find those dozen people and do everything you can to keep your name in the back of their head. Once you do that you will find success in your photo business.

This has been my photography outlook for 2015. It means a lot that you are reading this, and it also keeps me motivated to come up with new and fresh topics. Good luck to you in 2015 and thank you for your readership!