Perspective: Use it to Your Advantage

There are many great images abound in this digital sharing world. Most of the images that I like, and get inspired by, are ones that have great lighting and a great perspective. Because of perspective, along with great lighting, you can improve your images almost instantly. 5D III 16mm f22 @ 1/8 sec ISO 100

What I mean about perspective is that you have to go beyond what a person normally sees and give them a new point of view. I know this isn't a new concept but it's an important one that is easily overlooked and forgotten. For example, instead of shooting a field of flowers from a standing position, try shooting them from the prone position. Instead of shooting trees straight on, try standing at the base of a tall group and shoot upwards. I think you get the idea.

 This weeks image was made at Otter Creek in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. I had my tripod and camera as close as I could get it to the water, which happens to be about 4 inches. My knees got wet, but gosh darn it, I got a new perspective.