Patience Danielson

This is a quick post on how to improve your images. The title refers to one of my favorite childhood movies. Can you guess it? Yup Karate Kid. Anyways here's the tip. Be Patient. Weather its waiting for the right light, the right moment, the subject to face the right way. It's always a good idea to sit and wait for the right conditions. Trust me when I say this is easier said than done. When we see wildlife, birds, or really good light, we sometimes forget to go through our mental checklist. We get excited and start shooting without a "purpose". Slow down, wait, be patient and I assure you, your images will improve.

The image below took lots of patience. I spent about forty five minutes waiting for this bird to be in the right position to get the image I wanted. I was trying to capture him singing his beautiful song. With a bit of patience I achieved what I set out to do.


5D III 70-200 f2.8 II + 1.4 Extender III at 280mm f5.6@ 1/1000 sec. ISO 500