Panther Falls

On my most recent trip to the Canadian Rockies I heard about a not so famous waterfall. It's called Panther Falls. Not sure why it's not more popular, even the trail getting to the falls is narrow and not traveled very often. When I visited, our group was the only ones at the falls and on that trail. I think the main reason it's not more popular is because few people actually know about it. After all the parking area is for the Bridal Veil falls view. There are no signs that I could see letting me know where the falls were. See map below on how to get to the falls.  


I have to say the power and volume of these falls are impressive. I spent some time trying to capture the falls and ended up going for a vertical panorama. It's somewhat tricky to photograph Panther falls but it's worth the short hike to just view this powerful waterfall. It should be on everyone's must see Canadian Rockies waterfalls list.