Nature Photographer Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I have wonderful childhood memories of waking up uber early and ripping through paper to get to my gifts. I still get up early to this day! I feel very fortunate to have my needs met in terms of photo and outdoor gear, so much so my wife tells me I am very difficult to shop for. She tells me all I want is a $12,000 camera lens. While it's true I want the lens, it's hard for me to come up with a list of things that is much more "budget friendly".  I took some time and researched  and this is my photographer holiday gift guide for 2013. First and foremost, it's in my professional opinion that today's photographers will always need memory and batteries. Batteries are specific to the camera being used, so if you can get that information you're golden. One word of advice is to get authentic batteries from a reputable dealer. The last thing you want to do is buy a cheap off brand battery and fry your loved ones camera. Here is a list of some Canon Batteries Memory cards are also camera specific, most of the newer consumer models use SD memory cards. The more prosumer camera models use Compact Flash or CF memory cards. Some pro model bodies use both SD and CF memory cards! Both memory and batteries are great for stocking stuffers, but if you are looking for something more keep reading.

If your photographer has a GoPro video camera, then they absolutely would love a DJI Phantom Quadcopter with GoPro mount. This basically allows you to get aerial views of your subject and landscape. Also it's really cool! While this is rigged for a video camera, I have seen photographers attach their DSLR. Not sure if I would trust it, but it has been done.

If your photographer loves to spend hours editing images perfecting the craft of fine art, then it's likely they need a new IPS computer monitor. Monitors is one of those technologies that have been getting better and cheaper at the same time, much like televisions. Dell has been really good leading the way with high quality monitors for a reasonable price. Check out them here. If I had to pick the best bang for your buck, I would choose the U2413 shown here. You have to remember Photographers need a special kind of monitor to see the wide color gamut the camera produces. The also need to be able to calibrate it with a colorimeter. Also, much like TV's the bigger the better!

If these aren't enough ideas you can check out my camping gear post found here for camping and backpacking items or check out last years post for even more holiday gift ideas. I hope everyone has a great holiday shopping season and be safe out there! It can get pretty crazy!

Dell U2413