Monument Valley

On my most recent trip to the desert southwest, I knew I had to visit Monument Valley. It's been photographed many times before but for me this isn't a deterrent. I feel like I see images of these places, I just want to go and see them for myself. I was in the region photographing other locations, so this was a no brainer. I stayed at the View Hotel which is perfect for photographers. You can literally wake up just before sunrise, open your slider door, and step out on the balcony to photograph. Depending on how you like to sleep, you don't even need to get dressed. Honestly I would save yourself some money and stay on the 1st floor. Your view isn't much different, and you can always walk out from your patio. The hotel is close to a scenic drive where you can go into the valley. It doesn't get more convenient than that for a photographer. Part of me thinks it's neat to be able to do this and another part thinks it takes away from the experience. In any case it is what it is.

It was a great location to test out the 16-35mm f4 IS. The image below was shot with the 16-35mm at 35mm. I am loving this lens by the way! Overall I am glad I went to Monument Valley. For me it's one of those locations I had to see for myself. I don't see myself going back there, and honestly if the weather is in your favor, one night is enough. It's in the middle of nowhere and you could do some day hiking and whatnot, but the most iconic view can be seen from your hotel room.

Monument Valley at sunrise. Image was made using 5D III and the 16-35mm f4 IS lens