Mirrorless Cameras Doomed?

Are mirrorless cameras doomed? I often wonder what the next new thing in photography will be. The mirrorless system has many upsides to the design. In a recent post I wrote called, The Future of DSLR Cameras, I explained that I thought that the mirrorless system was the future as far as camera design goes. I still believe that will be the case but I read a blog post by Scott Bourne yesterday called "There Is Potential Bad News For Micro Four Thirds And Mirror-less Camera Shooters" which has me second guessing things. To summarize, Scott states that the U.S. camera buyers aren't buying the mirrorless system. He provides some staggering sales numbers that back his theory that mirrorless may disappear. He also states that the Japanese camera makers, more or less, cater to the U.S. market, and if the U.S. market doesn't do well, they have a history of stopping production of that product.

Scott also makes the point that the manufacturers don't provide "professional" services for the mirrorless cameras. Repairs can take weeks or months. This alone turns off a lot of people. So if Scotts theory is right, and it does make sense, the mirrorless system may be another fad that came and went. What do you think?