May 2012 Solar Eclipse

The Solar eclipse occurred yesterday for much of the country. The best views were in the western half of the US but here in Michigan we had the chance to view a partial eclipse. The eclipse didn't totally block out the sun, for those that watched the moon pass in front of the sun, there was a ring of light around the moon. A complete blockage of the sun or a "Total Eclipse" will occur August 21 2017 for a good chunk of the US and will be much more impressive than this years "ring eclipse". In 2017 the moon will block out the sunlight casting a shadow on earth providing an eerie midday twilight. In any even it's always a joy witnessing nature do it's thing. I am glad I was able to witness the event.

          7D with a 70-200 II with 1.4 extender III. Zoomed out to 200 f45 1/8000 sec @ ISO 100