Ludington State Park In Ludington Michigan

Ludington State Park is located on Michigan's west coast just north of the city of Ludington. The park is rather large and one of the biggest parks in the mitten state. It has miles of sandy beaches and a few different campgrounds. It's a very popular place for RV's but also has a "backcountry" campground. The main attraction besides the beaches is the Big Sable Point Lighthouse. The Lighthouse was main reason I wanted to visit. During a holiday weekend it's wise to book your campsite well in advance. I booked in May for labor day weekend and the campgrounds were already getting full. I ended up booking a backcountry site at the Jackpine campground, which they classify as "rustic". It's about a mile hike into the campground but it's down an old gravel service road that leads to the Big Sable Lighthouse. It has a well pump for water and a couple outhouses. The hike is very easy. So easy in fact people bring wagons and bikes to haul their gear. This meant dealing with "backcountry campers" with radios, portable grills, young children, and coolers full of alcohol. It didn't really make for the peaceful weekend I was hoping for, but none the less it was halfway to the lighthouse I was there to see.

The Big Sable Point Lighthouse is one of the best lighthouses I have seen to date. It has a distinct look and is very photogenic from both sides. This makes it a great subject for sunrise and sunset. Big Sable Lighthouse isĀ surrounded by dune grass as far as the eye can see and sits right on the shores of Lake Michigan. The scene below made the trip worth it. I would love to go there again on a non holiday weekend to enjoy the surroundings with a little more quiet. Our camping neighbors were up to the early morning hours causing a ruckus, this made the trip rather unpleasant, but if I took that part out the equation the surroundings and the park was great!


Big Sable Point Lighthouse taken from the north side of the lighthouse as the sun was setting. The light was good but only lasted a few moments before the sun was hidden by the clouds. Would love to photograph this location again at sunrise/ sunset to get some more color in the sky.