Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is basically split down the middle between Nevada and California. It's the largest alpine lake in North America with it's surface elevation just above 6,200 feet. I went to Lake Tahoe with no real expectations. I knew it was going to be beautiful but my expectations are always high so I never really try to get myself overly excited. I have been to many places with high expectations just to be disappointed. Lake Tahoe offered way more than what I expected. I went out late morning scouting for a sunrise spot and discovered Eagle Falls. Click Here for a map. First I hiked to upper Eagle Falls which was a fun short hike through trees and up some boulders. The falls were beautiful but on the return I discovered that lower eagle falls flowed under the road to the other side. I crossed the road down to the flowing water to find myself on top of a waterfall that flows down to Lake Tahoe. Very cool! I took several photographs but couldn't find a composition that would show the depth and the "vertigo" feeling you get when standing on top of Eagle Falls. It's a must see in person.

The gorgeous scenery of Lake Tahoe and Eagle Falls isn't all Lake Tahoe has to offer. Tahoe has lots of entertainment, outdoor adventures, and dining. We went to a great Italian restaurant called Capisce. Click here for more information. It was really busy the night we were there so the kitchen was a bit backed up. The owner of Capisce bought us a couple glasses of wine thanking us for being patient. Very cool! When visiting South Lake Tahoe stop by Capisce to satisfy your Italian taste buds. The ravioli is the best. Highly recommended!

Lake Tahoe is also the home of an underwater park. You can scuba dive to ship wrecks and other underwater sights. All in all Lake Tahoe was full of pleasant surprises and it will be put on my list of must see places... again. Tahoe has beautiful landscapes and I spent most of my time using my wide angle lens. Lake Tahoe has plenty of birds and other wildlife so a telephoto lens is also recommended. Like always take your tripod and also take your ND grad filters. In most cases I was stacking two of them together to get the exposure I was looking for.

Lake Tahoe is a must see and worth the time, money, and effort!

emerald bay in lake tahoe is the main attraction for photographers. This was made before sunrise while the moon was still out. The long exposure provides a silky smooth surface for the water, and provides the movement in the clouds.