I Pad 2 is Here

Today the Ipad 2 was introduced! It's reported to be 33 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter. It has dual-core A5 chips, 2 cameras, (front and back), it comes in the 16 gig, 32 gig, or the 64gig. You have the option of just wifi or wifi and 3g. They give you the option of 3g through Att or Verizon. Also you have your choice of black or white. Besides the updates to the size and speed, it also has 2 camera similar to the IPhone and Ipod touch. The processor is good for twice the CPU power and nine times the graphics performance while maintaining a 10hour battery life. Many rumors stated that the resolution would increase but it's the same as the original Ipad.

The Ipad has been raved about by photographers for a while now. Honestly when I first heard about the original Ipad, I thought it was like a big phone, but every photographer, and everyone else for that matter just rave about it. I am about to jump on board next week.

The nex gen Ipads will start selling March 11.

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