Hurricane Sandy

I'm sure by now all of the U.S. and most of the world has heard of hurricane Sandy that struck the eastern United States. She has made the news for a solid week now, affecting world travel, flooding, and caused many power outages! My condolences go out to the ones that have experienced hardships due to the storm, but I must say I find beauty in such chaos. Weather related storms fascinate me. You can call that sick and twisted if you will, but major storms like, blizzards, lightning, tornado's, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc... have a power and beauty to them that I really cant explain. Hurricane Sandy is no different. Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the eastern U.S. but the effects of her power can be felt hundreds if not thousands of miles inland. The Great Lakes have had high wind and waves for a couple days now. The local news was reporting waves on Lake Michigan over 20 feet. Much of what I do as a photographer is chase weather, and weather chase I did. I headed to a lighthouse in Frankfort Michigan. I was hoping for some color in the sky as the sun began to rise, but the sky remained ominous and dark. Although barge traffic on the great lakes was put on hold until conditions improved, the light on the Frankfort Lighthouse remained lit.

This weeks post image was taken at the Frankfort Lighthouse in Michigan as Hurricane Sandy moved across the eastern half of the U.S.