How To Bring Out The Color In Your Photography

When you are faced with a subject full of color, this is How To Bring Out The Color In Your Photography. It's nothing groundbreaking, but lets say you're faced with a saturated sunset, a field of wonderful flowers, or turquoise blue water. How do you get the colors to pop? Simple, all you have to do is drop your exposure by 1/3rd or 2/3rd s of a stop. This will darken the image a bit, but it will also saturate the colors in the scene. That's exactly what I did for the image below. If I kept my exposure as the camera sensor saw it, I would have some washed out color, so I dropped my exposure slightly to make the colors come to life and in turn added some overall saturation to the image. On a cloudless summer evening, I decided to stay home, until I saw the sky come to life with color. Made a short drive to my parents home and made this image of my dads garden. The pie tins you see are supposed to keep the deer away, but they are unfazed and feast on his vegetables on a nightly basis!