Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is about 4 miles south of page Arizona off Hwy 89. Click here for a map. While driving from The Grand Canyon National Park to Antelope Canyon in page Arizona, we passed this parking lot full of cars and even a tour bus. I wondered what everyone was doing there, but since you can't see anything but a small foothill I didn't think anything of it.I have seen pictures of Horseshoe bend in magazines and on flickr, but never really paid attention to where it's located figuring I would never be able to get there. So when I arrived at the Antelope Canyon tour check in I saw a picture of the Horseshoe, and under the photo it said Page Arizona, I knew then where I was headed after our tour. While talking to Mylo, our Antelope Canyon tour guide, I asked him directions to Horseshoe Bend. It was fairly simple and it was on our way back to the Grand Canyon. So after filling up on gas I headed out there. I drove a few minuets out-of-town and then I came up on the parking lot that I had passed on our way into town. What do you know? There it was! I parked in the parking lot, which only had two cars in it, and gathered my gear up. It's a little hike up and over a foothill and then you come to a sheer cliff that you look over and there it is! I still don't know why I was so excited to see this place. I had just come from one of the most intriguing places I have been in Antelope Canyon. It was an unexpected surprise and at least for me it was exciting to find this place. This post's picture was taken with a 16-35mm lens which is really what you want to have when photographing this geographical feature.

This is one of those places you have to see for yourself. It's hard to convey what you feel when you approach look down and see this river curving around a massive piece of earth. It's pretty special. Now saying that would I plan a trip around it? Probably not just because if you stop and see it, it would only take a half day at the absolute most, but if you pair it with Antelope Canyon, then that would be a good trip!


Horseshoe Bend from the look out just off the highway. A wide angle is a must for this location