Holiday Gift Guide For Nature Photographers 2014

Every year I publish a Holiday Gift Guide for nature photographers. If you're looking to find some special presents for the photographer in your life, here's my list of must have gifts for the 2014 holiday season. Wacom Tablet - The Wacom tablet is for the photographer that likes to edit. I love to edit and to me it's all part of the creative process. Wacom makes several tablets but by far the most popular is the medium sized Intuos Pro. There's a learning curve but once you master it you'll wonder why you never had one before.

GoPro - I'm not sure I know anyone that wouldn't love a GoPro. They're small, light, and provide great footage for the outdoor and adventure photographer. GoPro also makes an array of mounts for the camera. Everything from a helmet cam to a mount for your dog. Your creativity is the limit on what to mount the cameras to and how to use them.

Memory Cards and NAS Storage - I have this on every list because it seems I keep filling up my digital storage. Every camera needs a memory card and depending on the shooting style, you may need lots of memory cards. It's not uncommon for a wildlife photographer to fill up several memory cards in one session. Along with taking so many images, you need somewhere to store them safely. My favorite way of doing this is using NAS storage by Synology.

A Drone - A DSLR Drone or a GoPro Drone. Yes they can be expensive, but they can capture footage that was only possible by major motion picture companies. Even if your special someone is not a photographer, these are atop of many christmas lists. 

Last but not least is a destination vacation. One thing all of us nature photographers need is a subject to photograph. Planning a trip to a nearby National or State Park would be a great gift idea. If you can afford it, a photography hotspot like Iceland or Patagonia would be a trip of a lifetime. Places like the Columbia River Gorge would provide plenty to photograph with Portland just 30 minutes away. It's a great vacation for the whole family. Maybe you can cash in those air miles and send your loved one to a location they have been wanting to go. The most important thing for a nature photographer is getting to the beautiful places to make beautiful photographs. It would be something they would remember forever.

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