Holiday Gift Guide for Nature Photographers 2012

For those of you that have that special photographer in your life that loves to make images of landscapes, birds, animals, and all other flora and fauna, I have good news! This is my annual Holiday Gift Guide for Nature Photographers 2012! Hopefully this will help get the gift you have been looking for or maybe you're like me and need to put some goodies in your own stocking. These are in no particular order, I am not sponsored by any of these companies, and I own most of these products myself. 1) Triggertrap Mobile Dongle 2 (MD-N3 For Canon) This app for your phone is pretty cool. The app is free but you need to purchase a dongle. For just over $20 you get a multifunctional trigger for your camera! I have included a video on how it works and it explains all cool features. A quick note, the link I provided is for the canon cable, make sure you find the cable you need based on the model of your camera.

2) f-stop Satori Backpack- This is the premier bag if you are an adventure photographer. Whether it be hiking, biking, camping, or climbing, this bag will hold your gear and all the important items you need for your adventure. The bag uses replaceable and customizable ICU's (internal camera units) to organize your camera gear. So depending on the adventure or job, you should have plenty of room to pack what you need. The backpack is very well constructed and doesn't fit or look like a camera backpack. It's a must for the outdoor photographer.

3) These makes my list every year! Memory Cards! If there is one thing a photographer can always use, it's memory cards. Memory cards have come down in price over the past year, so it ends up being a great gift for the budget conscious shopper. You'll want to check and make sure what memory card is needed, but most cameras on the market today are using either Compact Flash (CF) or Secure Digital (SD) cards. The megapixels are big these days, even for entry level cameras, and if you're shooting raw then you already know that multiple memory cards are a must for a good day worth of shooting.

4) Now I have a disclaimer, I haven't used one of these but they look pretty awesome and are getting great reviews! It's the Emotimo controller for time lapse photography. Ever see those moving time lapse movies? This makes it easy, simple, and affordable to make one yourself. Check out the video below.

eMotimo - the company from Brian Burling on Vimeo.

5) Last but not least, something visual. We as photographers learn by seeing. That could be in the field experiencing the process of photography or studying good images. Studying images is very important in my mind as it will make us ask why a certain image works. Angles, weather, light, subjects, we all can learn more just by studying these images. A good coffee table book like Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs, or maybe even a Fine Art Calendar! Shameless plug I know, but you get the point.

Well I hope this helps with the gift giving season! If you just need things to fill your own stocking or maybe you don't know what to ask for, now you do! Happy gift giving everyone!