High Rollaways - Buckley Michigan

With autumn at it's peak, many of us photographers have our "spots" to photograph the fall colors. One of my spots is The High Rollaways in Buckley Michigan. Nowadays I use a Canon GP-E2 to geotag my images. Therefore I can share the exact spot I shot the image from. Here are the coordinates along with a map. 


The High Rollaways is locally known, but not that well known. Parking is limited but I have never had trouble finding a spot. The view is spectacular, and it's just a short walk from the parking area. It's easily accessible, for people of all ages, even for someone with disabilities. I am truly surprised its not more popular!

I normally head there around sunset, but sunrise would also hold a lot of potential. Try to avoid the middle of the day, unless it's overcast. It will be very difficult to bring out all the colors with harsh lighting conditions. The viewpoint is part of the North Country Trail System, so if you were willing to walk the trail there may be better views that are just a short hike away.

The High Rollaways is one of my must see spots that I visit every year for autumn. Once you visit you'll know why!

High Rollaways Buckley, Michigan

High Rollaways Buckley, Michigan