Get The Shot

When I travel to a new place I often study images taken by other photographers. This gives me an idea what to shoot and how to plan out my trip. I look through flickr, google, bing, photo books, and I find photographs I like. I then set out and make the photograph myself. When planning a trip to San Francisco a couple of years back I saw a picture and knew I wanted to Get The Shot. When I study these images I find out where the shot was taken, what time, where to park, how far it is from the hotel, what lens to use,  etc...  I was ready to go out and make this picture. That was 2 years ago. I have been to San Francisco several times to attempt to make this photograph. It's never worked out til now.

Moral of the story? Get the shot! If it takes years to do it, then so be it. It will take time, planning, and effort but you'll be rewarded. I am glad I stuck with it and finally made this image. This philosophy just doesn't pertain to landscape photography, but all photography. If you see a photograph or have an image in your head, set the goal of getting that shot. Make a list of shots you want to get, plan, practice, and go make those photographs. Your hard work and preparation will pay off in the end.

I went to this spot on the Embarcadero several times, but it never worked. I finally made this image to complete my quest.