For the Gearheads

Technology is improving all the time and new stuff seems to come out everyday. That being said I am just going to cover a few things that are on the horizon that I am excited about. First off the 5d Mark III or the replacement to the 5D mark II. I have waited for this camera for about 7 months now. I was going to buy the 5d mark II a while back but when I started researching it there were rumors of the replacement coming out in a few months. Well the rumor mills have run crazy lately and usually when that happens it means it's just around the corner.

Canon has introduced several new lenses coming out in the next few months. They have updated the super telephoto's and introduced a 200-400 f4 IS. I have longed for a 500mm or 600mm lens now for the past 4 years, but now I will have to look at the 200-400. They will also release a 8-15mm fish-eye in March. This lens is getting a lot of people excited. I will try one out before I buy one but it's defiantly on my radar. I am also waiting for a replacement of the 24-70, but I haven't heard anything for a while now, hopefully it will be released when the 5d III is released.

Apple Ipad II. There have been rumors of a second generation Ipad coming out. Many photographers have had high praises of the Ipad, stating it's a must have for photographers. I don't own one, but everyone I know that does just raves about it. The new version is rumored to have a front and rear camera, like the Iphone 4, and a higher resolution screen than the original. Many people think this will be announced this month or sometime in March.

These are just a few thing I am excited about, but I think I will have to start donating blood or something to help pay for some of this stuff.