Fine Art & What's it Means to Me

We have all heard the title of "Fine Art", but most of us define the term differently. In today's digital era I think people take the term for granted. It's not the consumers fault, the consumer takes it for granted because the artists may be misusing the term. This is what the term means to me and how it fits in with my workflow. Fine Art to me means the artist is the primary constructor of the art piece. Taking a photograph and sending the file to an online fulfillment service to frame and ship the work to a paying customer, to me is not fine art. I believe the artist should not only make the image, but also edit the image, print the image, and if needed frame the image. I think the artist should be involved in every step of the process. The artist then approves of the handy work and signs the piece giving his/her approval of the final product. This is how fine art is made. Granted if you don't have a large printer, or if you need to hire a framer to frame your work, you will still be in control of the process and will sign and approve of the final product.

I think the term "fine art" is loosely tossed around in today's fast paced world, so next time you wish to purchase fine art, research what the artist does, and how involved the artist is in the process. Then you can make the determination if it's fine art.

5D III 70-200 2.8 II at 120mm f2.8 @ 1/640th sec ISO 800