Finding Something to Shoot

Most of us have that moment where we sit back and say... There is nothing around here to photograph. There are no mountains, streams, or lakeshores. Maybe there are but you have photographed them to death. How many sunset images can you actually make of your favorite spot? In this week's post I will share so tips on finding something to shoot. One of the main things I look at is the community calendar. Often times there will be events held at local parks and flower gardens. Perhaps a local butterfly exhibit. Bird watching clubs meet to hike and birdwatch. Why not join them? The park service provides guided hikes to areas you may not have been before. The community calendar is a great source to try something new and to find new subjects to photograph.

Try renting a lens from an online rental service or from a local camera shop. When photographing try using just that lens and nothing else. Better yet, use a prime lens, and zoom with your feet. Often times just trying out new gear will get the creative juices flowing.

If you like wide angle images like I do, try telephoto. This mirrors the tip above, but head out with just your telephoto lens and find subjects. If you normally like telephoto, switch to wide angle. Or better yet Macro.

Many of the problems we face is just in our head. The tips provided are meant to trick your brain into finding something interesting to photograph. If you have ever been a photowalk you will see the diversity of images made. Obviously some work and some don't, but the point is, there are infinite amount of images to be made. Only our imagination limits us.

This weeks post image is from my flower garden. I plant flowers in the spring so I can photograph them in the summer. It usually includes a variety but I look for more of the wild flower type.

A simple wildflower shot from my garden