Fall Puts the F in Wildlife

Although I am mostly a nature and landscape photographer I do enjoy getting out and trying to find and photograph the critters that call the landscape their home. So what do I mean when I say Fall puts the F in wildlife? We it's the time of the year when the wildlife is on the move. The fall rut is in full swing for animals like deer, elk, moose and various other deer family mammals. Bear are turning every stone over looking for food so they can fatten up for their winter slumber. Bears are rumored to cover up to 40 miles per day searching for food. Some bears wont sleep for days!  Other little critters are gathering the food they will need to survive the cold and snowy season. The birds and raptors are migrating to warmer climates. Fall is one of the busiest times for wildlife. This is good for us because while the deer are chasing tail, the birds flying overhead, and the critters gathering food, it increases the chances we will see such animals. For some tips on capturing wildlife follow this link. Late fall is a great time to find animals because the leaves have fallen, reducing the amount of cover. Also the "crunchy" forest floor wont allow the animals to be so sneaky. Make sure when you're out and about wear the proper clothing. "Hunters orange" is often a good idea, due to the amount of hunting seasons that are open.

So when the color has disappeared, the snow has yet to arrive, it's a great time of year to search for wildlife.

A grizzly bear in Denali national park licks his lips after chomping down some berries.