Fall Photography Tips

Fall is a great season photographically speaking. The temperatures start dropping making it more tolerable to hike around and explore. The big summer crowds are back to work and school. The wildlife is out and about roaming around gathering for the winter. These are all great, but probably the best is the changing colors of the forest. Here are some fall photography tips to help get the best fall images possible. 1) Use a Polarizing filter. This will cut down on atmospheric haze and make the color of the trees pop. This filter is also great for reflection shots around lakes and ponds. The filter will increase the reflection effect which is often desired when photographing fall trees.

2) Zoom in. Fall is a great time to catch the details and colors of leaves. After a rain look for a leaf on the ground with water beads built up on it. Zoom in or get really close with a macro lens. These can be really cool shots. Also zoom in on one specific tree. Better yet just a section of the tree. Try to keep the composition simple.

3) Find a curvy road. Curvy roads are cool anytime of year, but add in some fall color and they can become epic. Try shooting a longer lens to help bring out the curve. Also keep the sky out of the image to give the road a "covered" look.

4) Shoot abstracts. Fall abstracts are some of the best images of the season. Either a reflection from a moving river or lake, or a panning blur. Your options are limitless. All you need to do is find an interesting color pallet and fool around with your camera. Experiment and see what you can come up with.

5) Find an overlook! Research your local parks and conservancies to find an overlook that is high above the trees. This will provide an epic view of a sea of color that may best represent autumn.

Fall is a great season to photograph, but since it usually lasts only a few weeks or less, you need to get out almost on a daily basis. Lower Michigan is at peak or just past, some of the midwest is still coming close to peak if not already there. Check the local color report in your area!

this winding s curve of a road provides a great compliment to the fall colors.