Fall Colors

Fall Colors here in Northern Michigan are past peak, we have had a lot of rain,wind, and frost that has left most of the trees bare. Winter is just around the corner. With hat being said there is still plenty of opportunities to photograph the fall colors. When searching the forests and wooded areas you still might happen upon a few lone trees that are full of color. Your best bet to find fall color this time of year is near water. Lake Michigan and other bigger bodies of water keep the shorelines warmer than the inland areas, therefore without the cool nights the leaves change later in the season. There are many other factors that contribute to fall colors. Amount of direct sunlight and how much water a tree gets during the growing season also contributes to the changing of the leaves. As a fun fact, Aspen trees commonly share the same root system. You will often see a cluster of aspens that have changed color while a different cluster may still be green. Aspens on the same root system will change color at the same time.

So while waiting for winter to show it's cold blustery head, there are still opportunities to capture the fall colors.

Fall reflection photo