Creative White Balance

Changing the white balance in a photograph is nothing groundbreaking, but it can make a huge difference in your images. You can use it to warm up your image and also cool it down. For instance look at the image below. I boosted the warmth in the photo to give it an overall feel of a great sunset. Another way to use creative white balance is to use it in different parts of the image. Global adjustments to your image is good, but to really add pop, try using different color temps to different parts of your photograph. This will enhance the viewers experience by providing colors that contrast, or colors that compliment each other. Using color balance as a creative tool for global and local adjustments is a must! Experiment with the tools  in Lightroom and photoshop to add more interest to your images!

The sun is partially hidden behind the clouds as it sets in beautiful Kona Hawaii. I boosted the overall warmth of the image to change the mood and to enhance the sunset environment.