The Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is in my opinion one of Americas best treasures! There are plenty of waterfalls to view. Some right off the road and some require a hike. If hiking is your thing there are plenty of trails and miles to escape from the crowds and if you are looking for an adventure without the worry of strenuous switchbacks the Columbia River Gorge is your place! The Columbia River Gorge is near the Oregon and Washington border. The Columbia river separates the 2 states. Most of the main attractions are in Oregon. The most popular waterfall is Multnomah Falls. I am sure you have seen this iconic waterfall in magazines and calendars. Make sure you get there early as the traffic is pretty dense starting mid morning and goes most of the day.

Multnomah falls is the early morning light


So with all the attractions how do you decide what to see and what to forego until your next trip? Well it all depends on time and physical ability. The best place to start is by looking at a map found here. From there start with the easiest ones to see. These include falls and viewing areas right off the road. From there pick a few hikes you want to do. My recommendation is to hike to Punchbowl Falls. One of my favorites was Bridal Veil falls pictured below.



Oregon has many waterfalls and if you need a little side trip with an easy hike I would recommend one of my all time favorite waterfalls, Proxy Falls.

Anyway you slice it, if you love waterfalls, you must put The Columbia River Gorge on your must see bucket list!