Chromatic Aberration Quick Fix

Chromatic aberration can be a pain! Lightroom has addressed this issue by offering lens profiles. Under the "lens corrections" menu in the develop module you can check a box that will "remove chromatic aberration". For most cases this works fine, but I have had some images that lightroom couldn't fix. So what to do? Chromatic aberration is basically a type of distortion where the lens fails to focus all colors. Some lenses are better than others, and some lenses are known for it! It usually shows up as a yellow, green, or purple fringing around the edges of an object in the image. See images below for before and after chromatic aberration.




The difference is small, but it does make an impact! To remove chromatic aberration in photoshop simply open up your image. Duplicate the layer. With the top layer selected go to filter>blur>Gaussian blur. I usually pick something like 5 pixels and then press ok. Now your image should look slightly blurry. In the layers panel you'll see a drop down box that should be labeled "normal". Click the dropdown box and scroll down to the bottom where is shows hue, saturation, color, and luminosity. To remove the Chromatic aberration we want to select the "color" layer style option. From here you will notice your image is no longer blurry and the chromatic aberration is also gone! Depending on the image you might have to play around with the amount of pixels used for the gaussian blur. The more pixels used, like lets say 20, it will start to subtract color from your image. If 5 pixels is too weak then go a little higher until it looks just right.

Lightroom does a wonderful job of removing these tiny image flaws but if you have a stubborn one, this little trick should help you out!